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Regenerative Medicine For Knees Pain

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Regenerative Medicine may be the solution for Stiff and achy joints. When our joints are healthy, we begin the daily tasks of life easily. The advantages of Regenerative Medicine therapy are vast. It’s been proven this therapy to be highly effective in treating, arthritic joints and chronic pain conditions.

Regenerative medicine promotes the body’s natural healing capabilities and steps up the recovery. If you’ve suffered a recent injury or living with a degenerative condition like arthritis, regenerative medicine can relieve your pain and restore. Helps in curing these symptoms:

  • Aching knee pain
  • Swelling and stiffness of knee
  • Cramping and discomfort in the knee
  • Arthritis
  • Old sports injuries

Medgenerx offers non-invasive Regenerative Medicine procedures that reduce pain and return function and mobility in days. This process is non-surgical, non-invasive helps repair & rebuild joints and cartilage in – knees, shoulders, ankles, and more. Regenerative medicine utilizing platelet-rich plasma (PRP), amniotic fluid, and cytokine modulation is very promising in treating knee osteoarthritis. Regenerative medicine is a broad field allows patients to use regenerative cells and growth factors to help repair and regenerate damaged cells and tissues in their knees.

Plasma Treatment for the Knee

Plasma therapy contains many different growth factors that help to minimize inflammation and promote the body’s healing capabilities. Instead of taking a long way to recovery with a risk of complications, Plasma therapy allows for treatment of the knee or joint pain with local injections. It is a long-lasting treatment option by using the body’s natural healing process.

Orthobiologic Treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis, affecting around a third of aged people. Indicative symptoms of knee osteoarthritis occurs in men and women aged 60 years or older. When the guarding cartilage that cushions the ends of your bones degenerates over time, causing pain, aching, and stiffness and, therefore, limiting movement. Osteoarthritis reduces the quality of life, and the condition is a significant cause of disability.

Orthobiologics are the substances found in the human body that are often concentrated to obtain in a tiny quantity for injection into the site of injury. The growth factors secreted by these substances facilitate tissue healing, improve pain, and aid in restoring function. Blood-derived orthobiologics deliver growth factors to distressed diseased tissue to help stimulate the repair process.

Regenerative medicine is a favorable choice, offering the hope of significant pain relief, and improved function. There are many benefits to undergoing these therapies for knee pain, but the most notable being the ability to eliminate treatments like significant surgeries. These therapies allow for the patient to use their cells to repair and regenerate damaged cells rather than going under for surgery to relieve pain. The aim of this treatment is to alleviate pain through the healing and regeneration of damaged tissues in the knee. Thus the treatment provides long lasting results without any risks or side effects of surgery and other aggressive forms of treatment.

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