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RegenOMedix Centrifuge

RegenOMedix Centrifuge Specification Sheet

The RegenOMedix ZG-TD4B-01 customized laboratory centrifuge machine is compact, versatile, and produces consistent and exceptional results for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF), and Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) therapy. The centrifuge is designed with finely tuned capabilities and ease of use in mind, with an LCD, a digital rotor imbalance sensor, and an intuitive settings menu. The digital motor controller and rubberized operational pads make it simple to use and take advantage of its customization capabilities. Its programable acceleration/braking system allows the centrifuge to work with many kits in the market.

The PRP centrifuge unit has several fixed-angle rotor options to spin many types of tubes. You can change the rotor with a simple nut and wrench or use the included adapters and be spinning “tiger top” tubes in a flash. It is safe under temperatures as low as +10 C and as high as +50 C. It comes with a transparent lid and automatic lid lock that only opens before and after centrifugation for security, safety, and convenience. The RPM/RCF and time parameters can be selected with the scroll keys, and the required values can be set through the tuning keys, allowing you to switch values as needed. Its “Start/Stop” button can be used both to begin centrifugation and end the operation before its estimated time runs out.

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The fixed angle ZG-TD4B-01, with its exceptionally slim design, is one of the market’s most compact (lightweight) and versatile angle centrifuges. This multi-faceted unit can accommodate 3 rotor options: 6 test tube/7ml, 6 test tube/15ml,and 6 test tube/50ml. The standard rotor is a 4 test tube x 50mL with 15mL adapters that slide into the unit. When used for PRP/PRF therapy, the slow-stop feature on the laboratory centrifuge machine preserves the integrity of the platelets.

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