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platelet rich fibrin 2022 03 16 22 08 26 utc

Increasing Platelet Concentration in Platelet-Rich Plasma Inhibits Anterior Cruciate Ligament Cell Function in Three-Dimensional Culture


The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a key stabiliz-er of the knee that is prone to injury, especially inyoung, active women. The annual incidence of ACLrupture in the U.S. alone is 400,000.1Unlike otherligaments, such as the medial collateral ligament, theACL fails to heal even after suture repair. Therefore,the current standard of treatment for ACL rupture iseither rehabilitation alone or ACL reconstruction(removal of the torn ligament and replacement with atendon graft).2However, neither of these two treat-ments can prevent the development of prematureosteoarthritis.3,4Conservative treatment leads to anincreasing number of future meniscal tears over timein young, active patients5and reconstruction carriesadditional risks related to graft morbidity. Therefore,new treatment options are sought which could poten-tially limit the development of post-traumatic osteoar-thritis seen with conservative treatment and could beless invasive than ACL reconstruction.

Source: CLICK HERE – Increasing Platelet Concentration in Platelet-Rich

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