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Best PRP Kit: Everything You Need to Know

Injections of platelet concentrate made from a patient’s blood are commonly used in platelet-rich plasma therapy, a type of regenerative medicine. Clinics providing this treatment require an effective PRP system that can efficiently separate autologous platelet concentrations from other blood components, as the preparation procedure can be laborious.

So, what characteristics define the best PRP kit? Clinics offering this therapy must prioritize finding a PRP centrifuge apparatus that can produce a high platelet count for deliverable platelets, as the therapy requires a highly concentrated PRP product. Investing in a quality PRP kit will ensure consistent outcomes for patients while simplifying the process of preparing pure PRP.

How Is Platelet Rich Plasma Made? What Is Platelet Rich Plasma?

One of the crucial components of blood are platelets. In addition to carrying oxygen and nutrition, creating antibodies to ward against infections, and promoting clotting to stop blood loss, they support the body’s organs and tissues along with the red and white blood cells.

Concentrated platelets, which contain a high concentration of bioactive proteins and other growth factors that promote wound healing and tissue repair, are utilized in PRP therapy. The initial step involves extracting peripheral blood from the patient and preserving it with an anticoagulant, such as sodium citrate, to obtain the necessary sample for PRP injection.

The blood sample will subsequently undergo centrifugation. The platelets will be isolated from other blood cell and stem cell components using PRP centrifugation. This process should divide the blood into three layers:

Red blood cells are found in the bottom layer because of their higher density.

A thin, visible layer with a color range of yellow to white is produced by the middle layer. This layer contains the largest concentration of platelets and contains some leukocyte cells suspended among the platelets.

The platelet poor plasma, which has a low platelet concentration and is not advised for use in PRP treatment, is found in the uppermost layer.

Depending on the kit that your practice will use, there are three different methods for separating the blood into layers: buffy coat, gel separator, and buffy coat with double spin. The additional centrifugation in the buffy coat with double spin method aids in achieving complete isolation of autologous platelet-rich plasma, which can be easily extracted from the red blood cells.

What to Consider When Choosing a PRP Kit

Several tubes for blood samples

There are numerous companies that sell PRP centrifuge kits, including ProSys PRP, Eclipse PRP, and Dr PRP. Each kit has a variety of distinctive characteristics that set them apart from one another, thus choosing the kit that will best serve the demands of the practice may be difficult.

It’s crucial to take into account a variety of aspects when selecting a PRP equipment, including ease of use, the ability to create powerful platelet concentrate, and a closed system that guards against contamination.

Simple to use and speeds up PRP preparation

The effectiveness of using the PRP gadget must be taken into account. Some kits provide an all-inclusive package that includes all of the necessary equipment and materials for preparing PRP injections. A good PRP kit can also speed up the entire procedure, including platelet activation, centrifugation, and extraction.

The system’s ability to centrifuge blood quickly and efficiently is another element that could impact its effectiveness. Higher speeds can create autologous PRP sample outputs with the optimum concentration while also cutting down on preparation time.

Produces reliable outcomes and full platelet separation

A high degree of platelet concentration must be continually available from the appropriate PRP device. Since the final PRP product should only contain the platelets and their growth factors, look for a kit with a low red blood cell count. Additionally, the kit must make it simple to separate platelet-rich plasma from RBCs.

To be successful, the platelet output must also surpass a particular growth factor threshold. In these circumstances, growth factor release is facilitated and the healing process is initiated by the use of enzyme activators like calcium and thrombin.

A closed system that prevents contamination.

Maintaining the integrity and purity of the platelet rich plasma sample is another technique to guarantee the therapeutic efficacy of the PRP treatment. It is conceivable that the final PRP product will lose its effectiveness and produce lessening results if it is exposed to impurities like germs and viruses. This can be prevented by using a system with a hood to serve as a cover while the buffy coat is being extracted or by making sure the test tube is properly sealed.

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