Our mission is to harness the power of the body into a healing solution.

, About Us
  • MedGeneRx®, a division of Zizion Group is focused on providing state of the art Regenerative Therapies and Solutions for the medical industry.

  • Our team works with vendors and suppliers from around the world to identify efficacious and safe devices that rely on more natural, integrative, organic, autologous, allograft type solutions versus a heavy use of drugs.

  • The past few years have seen significant changes on how patients are being treated.
  • From PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) all the way to CRISPR and CAS-9, we are learning how to best treat patients and very often the use of autologous or allograft products prove to be the best solutions with very little downside risk.

We work with companies from the four corners of the globe, make sure their products are valid and approved.

The Right Products. The Right Tools for Success.

We do not stop at finding the right product, we help implement training and aid you in demand creation at your clinic. We deploy both analog and digital programs allowing us to reach a wider segment of the proper patient demographic. This is the only way to ensure the message gets communicated to the proper patient base.

We’re here to help your patients and your practice.

Through innovative technology, preparation & training.